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  • Trade effluent

    The following information is to guide retailers who serve or plan to serve trade effluent customers.

    If a business discharges non-household sewage to the public sewer, they will need to obtain consent from us for a discharge of trade effluent.

    From large food and drink manufacturing sites, to car washes and laundrettes, there are more than 1,200 consents held by a wide variety of businesses in our region.

    New developments should also ensure that they have obtained consent in advance of a related discharge starting to ensure our infrastructure has available capacity.

    Please contact us early in all cases as pre-application discussions are very valuable to traders, retailers and Wessex Water alike.

    Consent is required because trade effluent discharges from business and industrial premises can have harmful effects including damage to sewers, sewage treatment processes and watercourses.

    Discharges above five cubic metres (m3) per day generally require a full consent.

    Short-term discharges such as chemical cleaning of chilled and hot water heating systems require prior authorisation but may not require a full consent.

    Discharges that do not require consent include:

    • household sewage, i.e. waste water from toilet flushing, hand basins, showers and canteens
    • sewage from certain types of businesses such as schools, restaurants, takeaways, holiday parks and nursing homes.

    If you are unsure whether consent is needed, call our wholesale service desk on 0330 123 1122 and ask for a member of the trade effluent team. If you already have a framework agreement with Wessex Water, please submit a G1 enquiry form.

    To obtain consent, a business must have a retailer. We cannot issue a consent until a retailer has been appointed.

    While a business can apply directly to us for consent, we recommend that the application is made after discussion with their retailer and through the retailer’s trade effluent procedures.

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