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  • Delivering your work requests

    Delivering services to you as the retailer and your customers is important to us.

    We will aim to complete your work requests without delay while keeping you and your customer informed.

    Our wholesale service desk is on hand to help while the retailer portal enables you to view work requests you have raised.

  • Raising work requests and the portal

    We understand the importance of keeping customers informed.

    Our retailer portal provides a single view of open and closed worked requests raised by you, the retailer.

    The portal enables you to raise work requests instantly with us and to receive regular updates until a work request is complete.

    Using the portal you can also view:

    • all work requests raised with us, either open or closed
    • individual work requests detailing the current status and stage of the request
    • updates provided by us
    • documentation including quotations and attachments
    • any tasks assigned to you to action
    • live information on planned interruptions to services and unplanned events that may affect your customers in our region.

    If your customer contacts us directly for an unplanned change to their service or any other contact, we will let you know via the portal

    Each work request raised with us will be assigned a unique work request number so that you can easily find it in the portal or quote this number when contacting us.

    You can of course add your own internal reference when raising a request with us and this will be available against the request for you to search against. 

    If you have already requested access to the Portal, you can access it here . Find out more information on how to use the portal or sign in to see it.  

    If you experience a problem using the portal or would like to know more, please contact our wholesale service desk.

    Providing information for work requests

    The information you provide on the relevant work request form is vital because it enable us to deal with the matter promptly and within our operational terms. 

    If you have given us permission to do so, we will work directly with your customer to complete the work request while keeping you informed of progress. 

    When raising a request please consider the following:

    • Is your customer available for a site survey / visit within the next two weeks?
    • Does your customer have any restrictions on when we can attend / contact them?
    • Do they have any alternative contact details (mobile, email, etc)?
    • Are they ready for the work to take place after the survey is complete?
    • If the work requires a short interruption to supply, are there any restrictions on when this can take place?

    Finally, please remember to add any relevant information on the form before sending it to us.

    When we are unable to proceed

    We will contact you if there is a reason why we can not proceed temporarily with a work request.

    If we do not hear from you or your customer within three business days of getting in contact, we will assume that you no longer wish us to continue with the request.

    If we have asked you to contact us regarding an open work request,  please contact the wholesale service desk.

    Charges for work requests

    If a work request is chargable under our wholesale charges scheme, we will add the applicable charges on completion of the work request.

    The charges will be added to the invoice for the month in which the work request is completed.

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