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  • Connecting to our water and sewerage networks

    Whether you are looking to connect a single property to our networks or need to service a new development site, you can choose to have an approved contractor undertake the work or ask us to provide a cost estimate to carry out the work for you. The choice is entirely yours to make.

    Whether you want information on how to appoint a self lay contractor or you want us to do the work for you, find out more about how to connect to our water supply network.

    Find out more about how to connect to our sewerage network including information helping you to appoint a competent contractor or asking us to do the work for you.

    Generally you will be required to enter into an Adoption Agreement with us where supply mains and sewers are constructed to serve new developments.

    The following information details:

    • the codes for adopting new infrastructure
    • how our performance serving your requirements is reported
    • our complaints and resolution procedure.

    Code for Adoption Agreements

    Ofwat has recently updated the requirements to support and improve codes of practice relating to the adoption of mains and sewerage infrastructure connecting new development sites.  Work is being done in collaboration with stakeholders to develop detailed guidance for the industry, draft guidance for the adoption of water mains and services is now available for comment on the Water UK website.

    Developer customers are encouraged to study the draft proposals and feed their comments back to Water UK by 26 November 2018.

    In the meantime, the current procedures for water main and sewer adoptions are outlined below with relevant links as well as information on how we deal with complaints.

    Water mains and sewer adoptions

    Current procedures are published within the developers’ section of this website including links to download application forms and supporting information for guidance. Find out more about current procedures for water supply and sewerage.

    As sector guidance is developed and published, this website will be updated when relevant information becomes available.  

    The technical and administrative requirements refer to relevant guidance documents for mains and sewers listed below:  

    Code of Practice for the Self-Laying of Water
    Mains and Services – England and Wales
    Edition 3.1 - May 2017
    Download an electronic copy of this document 

    For self-lay works done in accordance with this design and construction guide an adoption agreement is required to be in place between the SLP and the water company, and also with the developer. An example agreement can be found here.

    Sewers for Adoption 
    6th or 7th  edition - Water UK/WRc plc  
    Further guidance on sewers for adoption and the codes of practice can be obtained from the WRC here

    For self-lay works done in accordance with this design and construction guide, an adoption agreement is required to be in place between the sewerage company and the developer. A National Model Agreement is in place for use alongside these Codes of Practice - see an example agreement.

    Developer Services – performance 

    Wessex Water monitor and report on the performance of Developer Services activities every quarter. We report on a range of activities referenced in the Water UK Developer Services Report.

    Overall performance figures are published on this website and a link is provided to the detailed Developer Services Report published by Water UK for all companies. 

    Complaints, dispute resolution and redress 

    In addition to the staged complaint procedure we operate under the company Code of Practice for operational complaints, we have introduced a named contact to deal with specific complaints relating to developer activities. These include the proposed terms and conditions of an adoption agreement and redressing failures in our processes. 

    Written complaints should be directed to: Nigel Martin, Head of Developer Services, and emailed to

    These will normally be resolved within 10 working days following receipt of the complaint.

    How we redress our failure to meet the commitments we have made in any aspect of our developer promises and procedures is detailed in our redress statement.

    Once the agreements are made, there are formal provisions specified to resolve disputes between the parties. These provisions can be found in the following documents:

    • Water UK Self Lay - Code of practice v 3.1 - Para 1.17
    • Wessex Water Self lay Guidance – Para 1.16 
    • Sewers for adoption 6th edition – Para 1.5.5 – 1.5.6. Model agreement S.17

    If your complaint relates to Wessex Water acting unfairly in offering services for development and this impacts your business, you can make a written complaint.

    Such a complaint should be marked for the attention of: Phil Wickens, Director of Regulation and Reform, and emailed to

    Named contact information

    We publish a list of Developer Services contacts with telephone numbers, email and postal addresses.

    These are supplemented with maps to illustrate the Wessex Water area and the location of divisional offices. 

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