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  • RICS award for water supply grid

    Our industry-leading supply grid has been recognised with a Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) award.

    RICS Awards full

    The £228 million grid scheme comprises a 74km pipeline from Dorset to Wiltshire, enabling water to be moved around our region depending on whether there is a surplus or shortage of supply.

    It picked up top prize in the Infrastructure category at the 2018 RICS South West Awards, with judges recognising how painstaking care has been taken to ensure construction of the grid was carried out in a sustainable manner that enhanced the sensitive rural environment.

    Drummond Modley, grid programme manager, said: "We're thrilled and proud to be recognised by the RICS. 

    "The water supply grid is the largest, most ambitious scheme ever undertaken by Wessex Water and will ensure we can meet our customer demands for the next 25 years.

    "Built in areas of environmental and archaeological importance, the pipe can transfer more than 20 million litres of water a day - equivalent to about six Olympic-size swimming pools."

    During construction of the grid, our team uncovered human skeletons from the late Neolithic period, Iron Age, Bronze Age and Roman era.

    And while digging a new 5.6 million litre storage tank at Camp Hill near Salisbury, engineers unearthed two major Iron Age enclosure ditches that are believed to form part of a hill fort dating back to at least 50BC.

    To improve the environment and wildlife affected by its pipeline, we launched our Grid Community Awards Scheme which has funded a number of projects run by community organisations, charities, schools and local groups. 

    The grid is now complete and fully operational and controlled by digital 'optimiser' flow control software, an automatic real-time closed loop system which is a first for the UK.

    As winner of a South West award, the grid will compete against other regional winners at the national RICS Awards Grand Final on 2 November in London. 


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